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Project Management Team
Once a project is signed, it is placed into the control of our experienced team of professionals. It's their sole responsibility to assume control of the project and see it through to its conclusion. McKinley does not burden its sales representatives with trying to be experts at the coordination of projects. Each product area has its own project team that is dedicated to knowing the needs of the product and has multiple years of experience in anticipating and solving problems as they occur. They will carry the project from the drawing approval stage, through the factory ordering and manufacturing, shipment, and installation completion. When State Elevator inspections and permits are required, our field supervisors have first- hand experience with the requirements of each product and can intelligently guide this final step in the process. This is where working with professionals makes a difference!

Team Member Bios

Mark McKinley - General Manager - Elevators

Mark has managed projects across our spectrum of products for almost 10 years. Mark brings his administrative skills to the job oversees all of the elevator projects, and the McKinley Elevator project management team.

Randy Nelson - Elevators

Randy brings the discipline of his military background to McKinley’s team. He is a strong leader assisting our field installers and technicians. He performs field supervision, conducts site preparedness visits, and performs required inspections. He sis there to handle and solve problems in the field and deliver the job successfully.

Chuck VanderHill - Wheelchair lifts - Southern California

Chuck is a licensed technician in the State of California and City of Los Angeles and supervises wheelchair lift installations in the Southern California region through all phases, from working with contractors to get a site prepared for installation to the final inspection of a lift.

Brad Byrd - Wheelchair lifts - Northern California

Brad oversees all the installations and service work performed in Northern California. He is capable of doing the work himself, but also supervises and performs the job site pre-installation visits. He then attends the inspections and gets the final permit approved by the governing agency.

Khai Nguyen - Wheelchair lifts

Khai joined the McKinley team in recent years and has proven himself to be a solid performer. He provides the dependable service and communication necessary to deliver the project on time and with as few problems as is possible. He pays attention to the details that can make or break a successful project completion.