Home Elevator Repair

Home Elevator Repair and Service Company

Home elevator service and repair is provided by McKinley Elevator Company throughout California, Nevada and Northern Arizona. Fast, responsive service from trained repair technicians ensures the continued safety and functioning of home elevators for the homeowner. Home elevator repair services, parts and maintenance are a priority in the lineup of services offered from McKinley Elevator Company.

Factory Trained Elevator Technicians

The elevator technicians at McKinley Elevator specialize in the installation, repair and replacement of parts in addition to regular elevator maintenance and inspections. We understand how important the benefits of owning a home elevator are to those who are fortunate to have them. For these reasons, our mission is to be the most trusted elevator service company in our marketplace.

Routine Elevator Inspection and Maintenance

Routine elevator inspection, adjustment and lubrication are the foundation of our maintenance plans. Our technicians will visit you at factory recommended intervals to examine and provide maintenance services for your home elevator. Not only will they help ensure everything is in working order, but they will also identify any safety issues. This regular elevator repair service helps keep the home elevator functioning at its optimal level and is a proactive way to avoid high repair costs.

Emergency Elevator Repair

For those times when scheduled repair is not enough, we are also one of the few elevator repair companies that offer 24/7 emergency elevator repairs at all hours of the day and night.

When you need an emergency repair, simply call our company and we will dispatch a technician immediately. Each of our factory trained technicians travels with a rolling inventory that includes the needed tools and replacement parts for common repairs.

Call McKinley Elevator today for your home elevator repair and service needs.