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Garaventa Home Elevators
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The Elvoron Home Elevator is an elevating system designed specifically for use in private residences. There is a choice of two drive systems available; hydraulic or in-line (machine room-less).

The hydraulic system offers premium ride quality, a sophisticated control system and quieter operation. A small area outside the elevator hoistway is required to accommodate the controller and the hydraulic pump unit. This area can be adjacent to the elevator hoistway or in a remote location. Another advantage to the hydraulic drive system is that manual lowering operations are much easier for those with limited strength or mobility. There is a manual lowering valve on the pump unit which allows the hydraulic fluid to drain from the cylinder, controlling the lowering of the cab in instances of power outages.

The in-line drive system offers a simple, economical solution. It is a 2 HP geared direct drive electric motor. No machine room is required, making this a popular choice where space is a prime consideration. All of the drive components, including the controller box, can be mounted within the hoistway. However, it is recommended that the controller, which can be located up to 50 feet away, be located outside of the hoistway for easier service access. Manual lowering is accomplished either by use of the standard manual lowering handwheel, or by use of the optional battery powered lowering. Another advantage of the in-line drive is that no hydraulic fluid is required and therefore there is no chance of a toxic leak.


Elvoron Home Elevators are equipped with many standard features, setting them apart from the competition. Some of these features are listed below. For a complete list please contact Garaventa Lift or refer to the Elvoron Design and Planning Guide.

  • Available in 3 standard car sizes as well as custom sizes up to 21 square feet
  • Standard Car Sizes
    • 36" x 48"
    • 36" x 54"
    • 36" x 60"
  • Available in 6 landing door configurations, including multiple door configurations
  • Accordion car gate with safety switch in choice of clear or wood panels
  • Wide choice of car wall panel colors and materials
  • Choice of three car and wall fixture colors
  • Choice of either a quiet 1:2 Cable Hydraulic Drive or a machine roomless 2 HP Geared Direct Drive
  • Smooth start and stop
  • Standard rated load of 750 lbs.
  • Nominal travel speed of 40 feet per minute. Travel range of up to 50 feet.
  • Make up to 6 stops or have a total of 6 landing doors
  • Fully automatic push button operation
  • Illuminated buttons and digital floor display
  • Recessed ceiling lighting using low-voltage halogen fixtures
  • Full length handrail located below the car operating panel
  • Emergency backup power system for lights, locks and door operators
  • Emergency stop and alarm
  • Floor specific emergency battery lowering system
  • Manual lowering capability
  • Slack/broken cable safety brake device
  • Hoistway door interlocks
  • Solid car gate with safety switch
  • UL or CSA certified components

A variety of optional features and finishes allow extensive customization of the Elvoron Home Elevator. A selection of popular optional features is listed below. For a more extensive list, please contact McKinley Elevator Corporation or refer to the Elvoron HR Home Elevator Design and Planning Guide

Custom elevator cars - In addition to the optional features and finishes listed here, Garaventa Lift can build completely customized cars, including use of exotic woods, glass, steel and other materials.

Basic cab panels can be upgraded to a variety of wood species that can be further enhanced with recessed and raised panel styling.

  • Cars can be built virtually any size up to a maximum of 21 square feet
  • Increase the cab height to 96" or select a custom height anywhere from 80"-96"
  • A hands free emergency telephone can be integrated into the car operating panel or can be installed in a separate telephone cabinet. Installation of a telephone is highly recommended
  • A power gate operator will automatically open and close the car accordion gate making elevator operation much easier for those in wheelchairs or using other assistive mobility devices
  • Similarly, a power operator can be installed on the hoistway swing doors
  • Additional handrails in the car add style and passenger security
  • Customize the buttons on your car operating panel to letters denoting certain floors rather than using numbers
  • Keyed operation can be used to restrict operation to adults or to control access to certain floors
  • Capacity can be increased from 750 lbs to 1,000 lbs.
  • Locate the drive system and controller in a more remote location should space adjacent to the hoistway not be available

Drive Systems

Hydraulic Drive (Premium Ride /Quality                                                  In-Line Drive (A Real Space Saver-Machine Room-less

Engineered for Safety & Reliability

When choosing an home elevator, it's what you don't see that really counts. Our Elvoron home elevator design team selected only heavy duty structural components and well-proven drive and control systems to ensure safety, comfort and long-term reliability. The safety of your family members is as important to us as it is to you. We offer many safety features as standard equipment on all Elvoron home elevator models.

  • Emergency Manual lowering
  • Battery powered lowering (standard on hydraulic drive models only)
  • Instantaneous safety brake system
  • Interlocks to supervise and lock doors
  • Illuminated push button operation
  • Automatic Car Lighting
  • Digital Position Indicator
  • Emergency stop and alarm
  • UL or CSA certified components
  • Low oil level protection (hydraulic drive only)
  • Solid car accordion gate
  • Gate position safety switch
  • Automatic bi-directional floor leveling
  • Sturdy 8 lbs. per ft. elevator guide rail system ensures a smooth, quiet ride
  • Heavy duty canilevered car support sling provides capacity of up to 1,000 lbs (455 kg).
  • Car emergency telephone (recommended option)
  • Emergency backup power system for lights, locks and door operators
  • Slack/broken cable safety brake device
  • Hoistway door interlocks

Power Requirements

Standard power supply is 240 VAC single phase, 60 Hz, 30 Amps

Optional power supply is 208 VAC three phase, 60 Hz (50 Hz available), 20 Amps