Genesis STAAGE - Model

Genesis STAAGE - Model
Evacuation Carriers Garaventa Genesis STAAGE Model

The Genesis STAAGE lift is a safe, simple and cost effective accessibility solution for low-rise vertical barriers such as stages and podiums. This lift is easy to use and can be wheeled out of sight when wheelchair accessibility is not required. The STAAGE has all of the functionality and safety you would expect from Garaventa. The regulatory requirements for portable vertical lifts in public facilities vary from one jurisdiction to another. For information regarding use of the STAAGE in your jurisdiction, contact McKinley.


Call Stations

Call Stations are located at each landing (optional for upper landing) and consist of a directional call switch and a operation lockout key switch at the lower landing. The easy to use “Rocker” style switches are used to call or send the platform to the desired landing. The lockout key switch limits use to authorized persons only

Platform Directional Control Switch

The Directional Control Switch is mounted to the sidewall of the platform. Pushing the upper or lower ends of the Direction Control Switch moves the platform in the corresponding direction. The platform will automatically stop and when the switch is released.

Platform Emergency Stop/Alarm Button

The Emergency Stop/Alarm button is also located on the platform sidewall and can be pressed at any time to stop the platform. An alarm will sound when the button is pressed.

Automatic Access Ramp

When the platform is not at the lower landing the ramp is in the raised position. As the platform descends to the lower landing the ramp automatically opens.

Under Platform Safety Pan

Five heavy-duty sensing switches are located on the underside of the platform. These switches will automatically stop the platform should it encounter an obstacle during downward travel. When the safety pan is obstructed, travel in the upward direction is not disabled allowing the platform to move away from the obstruction.

Upper and Lower Platform Gates

The electro-mechanical gate interlocks prevent the platform from operating unless the gate is fully closed. The gate automatically locks when the platform leaves landing. The lower landing platform gate is an optional feature and not supplied standard.

Grab Rail

The Grab rail is located on the platform side panel.


The steel panels and framework are finished with electro-statically applied baked fine textured Satin Grey paint. The panels, gates and mast are framed with champagne anodized aluminum extrusions. Optional finishes are available.

Manually Emergency Lowering

A hand wheel provided with the lift and is used to manually move the platform to the desired landing in case of a power outage.


Custom Finishes

The STAAGE can be finished with a wide variety of RAL colors. These paints can be applied to the frame and components of the STAAGE.

Lower landing platform gate

A lower landing gate (see picture on the left) is available as an option.

Upper landing call station

The upper landing call station is adjustable to adapt to the lifting height of the application.