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The Matot Commercial Dumbwaiter is an ergonomic and economic solution for moving material from floor to floor in a multi-level commercial environment. Whatever you’re moving; Matot Dumbwaiters can carry loads up to 750 lbs.

Save manpower, save space, save time, save energy and help avoid workplace injuries with a Commercial Dumbwaiter from Matot. Depend on Matot Project Experts with over 100 years of commercial material handling experience to design and manufacture the right system for the lifetime of your application.

Typical materials handled in a commercial environment:

Food Documents Clothing
Dishes & Cutlery Shoes Carts
  • Lifting distance = 50 feet
  • Standard speed of 50 feet / minute
  • Floor level or counter height loading  
  • Single side, opposite sides or adjacent side loading configuration  
  • Equally suited for light or heavy loads; occasional duty or continuous duty
  • Commercial grade construction throughout
  • Elevator type precision guide rails
  • Performance proven drive systems selected to match your application requirements
  • UL approved microprocessor control systems
  • Matot equipment complies with all National Code requirements
  • Manually operated vertical bi-parting, slide up, slide down and swing type UL fire rated entrances
  • Architectural grade stainless steel or primed finishes
  • Low cost installation
  • Speeds up to 300 feet/minute.
  • Lifting distances up to 300 feet.
  • Self supporting tower: a structure consisting of four corner angles rigidly braced that will support the dumbwaiter and avoid imposing loads except at the base.
  • Power operated doors and gates. The doors and gates can be motorized so that they can automatically open and close.
  • Variable frequency and vector based drive systems.
  • Security systems:
  • Key locks
  • Keypads
  • Interfaces to external security systems