Always See Before You Buy

And we make that easy for you. McKinley Elevator has two fully equipped showrooms in California to allow you to make an intelligent choice on how to invest. Each showroom has multiple manufacturers and operating examples of all of our products. You can leisurely evaluate the lifts, manufacturers, and styles. Nothing can replace being able to actually touch different examples, as pictures in literature can be misleading. These are too important to relegate the decision to reading sales literature. Here at McKinley, we want to give you every benefit towards making a solid decision.

  • Southern California

    Located in Irvine, our headquarters showroom is easily available to all of Southern California. Appointments are not necessary . The working models allow you to compare your options and help to answer many of the questions you may have.

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  • Northern California

    Located in Hayward, our Northern California showroom is central to the Bay Area and an easy trip in from Sacramento and the Central Valley. Appointments are required and are available Monday - Friday. To schedule a showroom appointment call 888-257-5576.

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