Wheel Chair Lift Repair

Vertical wheelchair lifts are a vital for anyone who needs assistance getting up stairs or otherwise inaccessible levels in buildings and public areas. For those who have disabilities, such as the injured, elderly, immobile or accident victims, ensuring the proper function and working order of a wheel chair lift is required for ADA compliance. It can make a major difference in how you serve the public by allowing the disabled to lead independent lives wherever they go.

Vertical wheel chair lifts are crucial to those who use them, so having fast and efficient service from trained wheel chair lift repair technicians is an integral part of ownership as well.

McKinley Elevator is committed to offering the most inclusive and convenient wheel chair lift repair. Our staff understands that the safety and benefits of a vertical wheelchair lift are immeasurable to those who need assistance. From those who are temporarily injured to those who have a permanent handicap, the unhindered access to their destinations through vertical wheelchair lifts makes a world of difference. For each of these reasons, we make wheelchair lift repair a priority.

Routine Wheel Chair Lift Repair

We offer wheel chair lift service in three different ways: Planned Maintenance (PM), general repair and emergency wheelchair lift repairs.

Planned Maintenance of Vertical Wheelchair Lifts

During planned maintenance, a technician will visit your site and examine your vertical wheelchair lifts for wear and use, inspecting for damage, problems, malfunctions, or parts that need replacement. By servicing your wheelchair lift on a routine basis, we are able to help our clients avoid many costly repairs that can arise without regular maintenance. Our regular wheel chair lift repair also helps your lift perform at its optimal level and often will add years of life to your lift.

General Repair of Wheelchair Lifts

Our factory trained technicians will be able to manage any routine repair that your vertical wheel chair lift might need. We will identify the issues, advise you of your repair options, and consult with you on the best solution given your budget. General repairs are conducted during normal business hours and are normally scheduled Monday to Friday at a time that is convenient for you.

Emergency Wheel Chair Lift Repair

Emergencies just sometimes happen. As part of our service to you, we offer emergency wheelchair lift repair. If you find that your lift is suddenly not working, acting improperly, not performing at its optimal level, or if it becomes damaged, you simply need to call our offices. A trained and courteous technician will then be dispatched to your site immediately. Each of our technicians are trained and equipped to handle all kinds of repairs and each carries an optimized inventory for the most common repair issues on their vehicles. 24/7 service helps assure that your lift can be repaired as quickly as possible. Our emergency repair services are offered in most areas twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.