Curved Stair Lifts by Handicare

Handicare curved stair lifts are designed to fit aesthetically within your home. They add mobility for those who need it and have solutions that allow for the visual appeal of the home to remain intact. The stair chair design is strong and safe with rails that are slim, elegant, and fit close to the wall with all mechanical parts hidden from view. 

Curved Stair Lifts by Bruno

Bruno Independent Living Aids builds a high quality curved handicapped stair lift to give those who are disabled the ability to regain access to their entire home. An ideal solution for home accessibility, a home chair lift is designed to take you up the stairs safely, gently, and comfortably while maintaining the beauty of your home. McKinley installs Bruno stair chair lifts throughout California, Arizona and Nevada.

Curved Stair Lifts by Acorn

Acorn provides a great variety of curved stair lift solutions to fit the design and color of your home. The stair chairs are built with the needs of the user in mind by providing easy to use controls and functionality. They are easy to maintain and will provide years of accessibility to all areas of your existing home.