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A simple theme has kept the McKinley legacy thriving since 1948 – a commitment to Family, Integrity, Relationships and Collective Hard Work. We foster an unmistakable dedication to our customers and to one another. Trust in each other leads to employees who are devoted to our mutual growth. Voices are heard since they aren’t muffled under layers of management. This level of freedom and empowerment creates our culture of success.

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Why Us?

A place to call home, with a work family who knows your name, appreciates what you bring to the team and leadership who care about every team member.
Be a part of a legacy, in business since 1948 and going stronger than ever.
A commitment to our community.
Competitive compensation with a full set of benefits.
A sense of pride in everything we do.

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At McKinley it is in our DNA to give back. Based on the life experiences of our own people, we partner with charitable organizations to provide hope and smiles to children in need.
McKinley runs events, contests and raffles throughout the year to raise funds to provide over 1,500 holiday gifts for kids who shouldn’t go without them. It’s all in the name of Raising Hope.

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You can apply verbally by phone: 1-888-257-5576

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