Wheelchair Lifts

You Deserve a Choice

Enhance your building accessibility and meet ADA requirements with a wheelchair lift. Wheelchair lifts are designed for safe and effortless travel between floors, empowering the wheelchair-bound to navigate any building with ease. A wheelchair lift eliminates barriers, meets ADA accessibility code and fosters a more comfortable and accessible environment. Let McKinley Elevator help you select the ideal wheelchair lift for your building’s unique layout and mobility needs. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

Vertical Wheelchair Lifts

Vertical wheelchair lifts are to designed to take a platform from Point A to Point B on a straight-up-and-down trajectory. These vertical platform lifts are perfect for use in commercial or public buildings; for example, taking you from the ground floor to an auditorium stage.  Fully ADA compliant, vertical wheelchair lifts provide the access that the wheelchair-bound and disabled need.

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Incline Wheelchair Lifts

Incline wheelchair lifts are designed for stairs and inclines in public and commercial areas that cannot provide the space required for elevators, vertical platform lifts or ramps at the proper slope.

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Find the Perfect Wheelchair Lift

Wheelchair lifts are critical to providing accessibility in homes and commercial spaces. They are an excellent option for spaces where a traditional commercial elevator or home elevator will not fit. Easier to use and more convenient than ramps, the variety of wheelchair lifts available through McKinley will help you find the perfect lift for any need or space requirement.

Whether you’re retrofitting stairs to make the levels of a home or commercial building more accessible and safe, or adding a brand new vertical wheelchair lift, McKinley has the right option for you – all from top manufacturers. McKinley offers open incline wheelchair lifts, wheelchair stair lifts and wheelchair platform lifts as well as enclosed vertical lifts.

In addition to customer-focused sales, McKinley Elevators will come to your space to expertly install your new wheelchair lift.

Wheelchair Lifts Applications

  • Wheelchair platform lifts for schools

    We sell and install wheelchair platform lifts for schools and public spaces which help meet ADA code. Our ADA compliant wheelchair platform lifts can be installed on stairs or vertically and come in many different sizes and configurations depending on your needs. Our solutions are designed to accommodate persons in a wheelchair or electric scooter and provide access to stairs, stages, stadium bleachers and other low-rise applications.

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  • ADA Compliant Lifts & Elevators

    McKinley Elevator provides installation, inspection, testing, maintenance and repair of lifts and elevators that meet the ADA compliance requirements and help to meet ADA requirements.

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  • Commercial Wheelchair Lifts for Safe and Accessible Buildings

    McKinley Elevator provides safe, high-quality commercial wheelchair lifts to ensure every customer, employee, client, and guest can access your building. We offer installation, inspection, testing, maintenance, and repair for both indoor and outdoor commercial wheelchair lifts for a variety of building applications.

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