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Luxury Home Elevators

Residential elevators are more than just a luxury. They provide safe, convenient access to all levels of your home and are useful for people of all ages and mobility. McKinley Elevator offers a range of home elevator styles, including conventional home elevators and pneumatic elevators in a variety of styles and finishes to beautifully blend into your home. McKinley Elevator provides convenient sales, service and maintenance, installation and showrooms to help you envision a residential elevator in your home.

Elevator Options

Glass Elevators

Sleek, modern, and unique, glass elevators create an elegant focal point in any home. Whether you’re looking for a panoramic glass elevator or a designer elevator with custom glass finishes, this residential elevator option can be customized to perfectly match your home’s style.

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One of our many home elevator designs add an attractive feature to a home, particularly for those with difficulty getting from one level to the other.


For resale, a residential elevator can substantially increase value due to added mobility and convenience factors.


A residential elevator allows you to remain in your existing home. Installing an elevator is a cost-effective solution when compared to building out.

Home Elevators Applications

  • ADA Compliant Lifts & Elevators

    McKinley Elevator provides installation, inspection, testing, maintenance and repair of lifts and elevators that meet the ADA compliance requirements and help to meet ADA requirements.

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