Dumbwaiters FAQ’s

Q. Is it possible for me to install my own dumbwaiter?

A. It is not legal for just anyone to install a dumbwaiter in California, Arizona or Nevada. The installer is required to hold a state contractor’s license (C11 in California) license. Arizona and Nevada also require a license. In residential work, there is no inspection.

Q. How is a dumbwaiter utilized?

A. It is used to transport goods and items (but not people) between floors. It can go between living floors, between garage and kitchen, or usages like this. It can be easily hidden into the cabinetry.

Q. How much can a dumbwaiter carry?

A. The capacity in bulk as well as weight will depend on the physical size of the dumbwaiter selected. A dumbwaiter cab is enclosed to contain the materials that will actually fit within its walls.

Q. How big is a dumbwaiter?

A. Dumbwaiters come in varying sizes and capacities. They start at normal cab sizes of 16″ x 16″ up to 36″ x 36″, and capacities of 50–500 lbs. Custom sizes for special areas are available.

Q. Is there a height limitation for a dumbwaiter?

A. Yes, a dumbwaiter is limited to raising 50 feet.