Commercial Dumbwaiters

Commercial dumbwaiters are expertly crafted to simplify the transportation of goods between different floors within a building. This not only saves valuable staff time but also enhances overall operational efficiency. With a top-tier commercial dumbwaiter from McKinley Elevator, your business operations can achieve peak efficiency. Tailored for the hospitality industry, our reliable and durable dumbwaiters meet the unique demands of restaurants and hotels. McKinley Elevator is your trusted partner in elevating service standards—explore the future of efficiency with our commercial dumbwaiters.

Dumbwaiters by Matot

No quality is sacrificed on Matot’s commercial dumbwaiters – the same reliability, durability, and accessibility found in Matot’s residential dumbwaiters are found in their commercial dumbwaiters. With rated loads up to 2,000 lbs., these dumbwaiters are more than adequate for any and all of your lifting needs. Able to reach speeds of 40 feet a minute up to a distance of 50 feet, there’s not much a Matot commercial dumbwaiter can’t do. With optional features like powered doors and gates and security systems, these lifts are ideally situation for almost all commercial buildings.


Marked by both convenience and safety, Fox Valley (formerly Waupaca) commercial dumbwaiters can assist you in all of your vertical transportation needs. Boasting rated loads of 300 to 500 lbs., these sturdy dumbwaiters are ideal for restaurants, retail stores, businesses, and many other public buildings. It’s winding-drum drive system and steel guide rails ensure lasting quality and smooth operation.