Pneumatic Elevators FAQ’s

Q.What Is A Pneumatic Elevator?

A. Pneumatic elevator is a see-through, vacuum-operated lift. Since pneumatic elevators don’t require cables, pulleys, a pit, or an engine room, they can require less energy and space compared to traditional home elevators. This makes them a perfect choice for houses, apartments, offices, and even boats!

Q.What Are The Advantages Of A Pneumatic Elevators?

A. A pneumatic elevator is a great choice for many reasons. The custom-made systems are manufactured to the height of your home, allowing you to travel up to 50 total feet. The elegant glass exterior and unique, circular design give any home a modern, luxurious look while providing additional accessibility. Since pneumatic elevators are self-supported, you won’t need to install any ramps, pulleys, cables, posts, or rail systems – it simply rests on the existing ground floor. Plus, pneumatic elevators are eco-friendly and don’t require any harmful oils, gases, or lubricants.

Q. How Does A Pneumatic Elevator Work?

A. Pneumatic elevators use vacuum technology to power the platform between floors. Turbines at the top of the elevator shaft suck air out of the tube, which pulls the cab upward. When the cab reaches the desired level, the brakes secure it at the proper height.

Q. Are Pneumatic Elevators Safe?

A. Pneumatic elevators are certified to meet ASME elevator standards by Liftinstituut. In the event of a power failure while the elevator is in use, gravity is used to slowly descent to the ground floor, and back-up mechanical brakes and locks will still be operational.

Q. Are Pneumatic Elevators Noisy?

A. This type of elevator is around 85 decibels, which is comparable to a vacuum cleaner. 

Q. What Sizes Are Pneumatic Elevator Available In?

A. There are three sizes available. The single passenger elevator is the world’s smallest elevator, with a 30” exterior diameter and a 350 pound weight limit. The two passenger elevator is 37” in exterior diameter and carries up to 450 pounds. The three passenger elevator is 52” and carries up to 525 pounds.

Q. Can A Pneumatic Elevator Fit A Wheelchair?

A. Yes. The three passenger elevator, the PVE52, is wheelchair-accessible and has an interior diameter of 43.5”. This provides enough space for a person in a wheelchair and an attendant to comfortably fit inside the cabin. The 32” wide entrance makes it easy to roll a wheelchair in and out of the elevator.

Q. What Should I Know About Installing A Pneumatic Elevators?

A. Vacuum elevators and pre-assembled and safety tested at our factory headquarters rather than fabricated on-site, making your installation process quicker and easier. Once the elevator is ready to be placed in your home, installation typically takes about 3 days.


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