Wheelchair platform lifts for schools

We sell and install wheelchair platform lifts for schools and public spaces which help meet ADA code. Our ADA compliant wheelchair platform lifts can be installed on stairs or vertically and come in many different sizes and configurations depending on your needs. Our solutions are designed to accommodate persons in a wheelchair or electric scooter and provide access to stairs, stages, stadium bleachers and other low-rise applications.

  • Inclined Platform Lifts

    Easily move wheelchair passengers up and down stairs with an inclined platform lift. The folding platform is easy to access and provides convenient storage when not in use. When looking for an ADA compliant solution for schools, stadium bleachers and other public spaces, our selection of motorized inclined platforms provide access for wheelchairs to travel up a flight of stairs and are the perfect solution for wheelchair access.

  • Vertical Platform Lift

    Provide access to stages, decks, a second floor and other low-rise areas with a vertical platform lift. With advanced safety features and the capability to carry loads of up to 750 pounds, a vertical platform lift can accommodate scooters, power chairs and wheelchairs with ease. We offer shaft way and enclosed units that can be installed indoors or out.

  • Portable Platform Lift

    A portable platform lift makes it easy for you to provide wheelchair access to a stage or other landing when you need it. A lightweight and convenient solution designed to fit your ADA needs and to fill the need for access when a permanent solution is not practical, required or cost effective such as school stage access. A portable platform lift can be readily moved from a location to location and conveniently stored when not in use.

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