Straight Stair Lifts by Acorn (unpublished 5/3/18)

Acorn recognizes the difficulties that reduced mobility can bring, and so have created safe, comfortable and simple solutions. All Acorn Stairlifts are easy to use, and easy to maintain; and all display the very best in design, engineering, and safety features.


  • Evacuation Carriers by Garaventa

    Designed so that a small attendant can easily move a much larger passenger down the stairs, the Evacu-Trac is easily set up…

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  • Dumbwaiters by Matot

    No quality is sacrificed on Matot’s commercial dumbwaiters – the same reliability, durability, and accessibility found in Matot’s residential dumbwaiters are found…

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  • Dumbwaiters by Waupaca

    Marked by both convenience and safety, Waupaca commercial dumbwaiters can assist you in all of your vertical transportation needs. Boasting rated loads…

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