You Deserve a Choice

A LU/LA Elevator is a Limited Use, Limited Application elevator with the purpose of providing handicap access to a commercial building within ADA compliance. They are a cost-effective alternative to a full-sized commercial elevator, but provide the same ease of use, responsiveness, and accessibility. LU/LA elevators are also an excellent alternative to wheelchair lifts, with more car space and a higher weight capacity.

Limited Use, Limited Application (LU/LA) elevators are the perfect solution for low-rise buildings. Designed specifically for accessibility compliance, LU/LA small commercial elevators satisfy ADA compliance requirements and meet state and local codes by incorporating the most modern safety features. Ideal for buildings of up to three stories, LU/LA elevators take up less space than traditional commercial elevators while offering the benefits and convenient features of commercial elevators at a fraction of the price.

The variety of customization options and LU/LA elevator manufacturers available through McKinley allows you to choose the perfect limited use, limited application elevator for your location. Custom car sizes allow you to place an ADA accessibility elevator in just about any space.